About Me

I built this application to help me manage and support my 7DTD server.

If you would like the code for this application, feel free to email me at jerry.a.kelso@gmail.com. I'll share it freely.
Also, if you have any new ideas or suggestions for this web based management interface, let me know!

Great 7DTD Tools and Resources:

Server Management:

AlwaysUp is a tool for keeping your server running after an automatic reboot or crash. (Unfortunately this tool is not free.)

Server Tools
A great xml based server manager. Runs directly on the server and integrates easily.

FrontRunnerTek's Server Management Tool with tons of features.  (Hasn't been updated in a while but I still use it for a few features.)

Alloc's Server Management Fixes
Alloc's Server Management Fixes which allow you to show a real-time map of the server world among other things.

Nicolas's Leaflet Script
Nicolas's Leaflet Python Script for rendering maps with player paths. This also requires Python 2.7 and Pillow for 2.7.

IP Address Blocking
John Alvarez's script to block one or more countries from your Windows server. I use this to help minimize the number of hackers on my server.

Hal9000's Prefab Creator
Hal9000's awesome tool for creating your own prefab.

Tutorials and Help:

7DTD Official Site
The official website of 7 Days to Die

7DTD Forums
The 7DTD forums are very extensive and active.

Video Tutorial - How to Setup a New 7DTD Server
Bigc90210's step by step video on how to setup a dedicated 7DTD server. Great Video!

Video Tutorial - Installing a Prefab Pack
Bigc90210's step by step video on how to install a Prefab Pack to your server world.

Video Tutorial - Creating your own Prefab
Bigc90210's step by step video on how to create your own prefab and inject it into your world.

7DTD consol commands
List of 7DTD consol commands for the dedicated server

TeamSpeak Server Install Guide
M@Liciou$ guide to adding a TeamSpeak server to your 7DTD server.

Multiple Video Tutorials for Advanced Server Modding
Hal9000's large selection of 7DTD moding videos.